How to start a Service at boot in Android

In this tutorial we will see how to launch a Service at boot startup in Android.
Of course, as first step, we need the Service to be started:

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How to write “Hello World” into a NFC tag in Android.

When I started my experience with NFC technology finding a “Hello Word” tutorial to get minimal bases on NFC wasn’t so easy.
For this I decided to write it!
In this tutorial we will see how it’s possible to write a String in a NFC tag.

What do we need?
1) a mobile phone with a nfc chip (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy SIII ect…)
2) a NFC Tag. There are many website where it’s possible to buy them. I bought it here: . And In particular the one used for this tutorial is: Mifare Classic (Standard) – Rectangle (Racetrack)
3) An application to read the NFC to verify if our application works properly. (I use

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European judges slap Apple

Terrible week for the company from Cupertino. An UK court has ordered Apple to publish  in several newspapers and post on its homepage that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad.

Some time ago Apple sued Samsung in front of an English court with charges of having copied the style of the iPad with their Galaxy Tablet asking to ban the sale of the tablet of the South Korea Manufacturers.

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Tutorial: ListView in Android using custom ListAdapter and Cache View

The aim of this article is to build a custom ListView for Android using a custom ListAdapter and a View Cache.
In Android is very simple to build a list view until you don’t want change the row layout.
Indeed, the customization of a ListView is very powerful, but it needs a bit of attention to optimize it and to make everything working in a proper way.
But if you follow some simple practices, also putting a custom layout for the each row can became easy. ;)

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Google Maps updates the world

android google maps iconHow many engineers work on Google Maps? The question comes out of the last three news about it.
In fact Google has announced three big news: cycle routes for Europe, indoor Google Maps has been added in 20 American museum and walking route for Africa.

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Nexus 7: Google’s Trojan Horse to enter a new market?

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Google launched the Nexus 7 as the new Google’s tablet.  Through this product it is clear the Google’s will to conquer the small tablet market.
Google wants to improve his new Play-Store with movie, games and in particular books to compete with the principal colossus of this market: Amazon.

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Does FBI want to spy on everyone?

Bad news for Internet freedom.
Just when Anonymous, the famous group of hackers, is breaking sites around the world for Internet freedom, the FBI prepares the countermoves against them.
The FBI wants legal backdoors in the principal services of the Internet like Facebook, Google or Skype according to the CNET report.

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Samsung: flexible AMOLED by 2013

Samsung is about to revolutionise the smartphone market. Already in 2011 we had a preview of the Samsung’s work: the flexible AMOLED.

It’s a technology that will allow to produce glassless screens, so they will be extremely resistant and flexible.
During the CES 2011 we had some demonstrations on this technology, but now we have some news.

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Samsung Galaxy s3 is coming!

As expected, Samsung did’t present the new Galaxy III at the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, held from 27th February to 1st March.
Samsung has decided to wait a little bit longer and now it seems that the new smartphone will be launched at the end of April 2012.
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How to prevent Wi-Fi sleep on Android

With this tutorial, we will explain how it is possible to get the control on Wi-Fi resource in order to prevent it to go in stand-by. This is necessary if you need the Wi-Fi connection in your app even if the user has set the Wi-Fi to go in sleep mode when the device is in stand-by.
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